Gatherings at Bethany suspended until further notice.
Join us for worship on Sundays at 9am via live stream on YouTube.

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News & Announcements

Here's whats happening at Bethany Lutheran

Please contact our church secretary, Mary Ann Quail, with any questions regarding the church news or announcements at



Join us, July 5 & July 12
Join us for our drive in worship services at the Clay County Regional Events Center Parking lot  -- this Sunday, July 5 and next Sunday, July 12. The service begins at 9am, but come early to get a good spot! See the Bethany worship team, hear God's word, sing praises, hear the message -- honk and wave at your friends!! Enter through Gate G from W 18th St, as bulletins and parking ushers will greet you there. We have another surprise -- hope you can make it!

REMINDER: If you have your white board message paddle from our May 24 service, bring it and use it!


Please Note Revised Time

We continue to host a Zoom fellowship time after our online worship service. For the next two Sundays (July 5 & 12) our start time will be at 10:30 to allow time to get to our places after the drive-in service. After that we will return to the norm -- Sunday mornings shortly after 10am. If you would like to join the conversation look for the link in our WOW (Weekly on Wednesday) email news blasts or call 262-2327 (after 10am on Sunday) to receive the meeting ID and password information. If you are not receiving the WOW emails most like we do not have a current email address for you. Give us a call with your email address or send it to: . Thanks!


Wednesday, July 8
WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? Join in a “Zoom Office Hour” this Wednesday, July 8 with Pastor Jeff. There will be two sessions – from 10-11am and again from 6-7pm. This can provide us an opportunity to get together and just talk. This will be a group chat, so if you have something more sensitive in nature, please contact Pr. Jeff to make an appointment – call 262-2327. To join the Zoom conversation, call the church office for the link or subscribe to our weekly E-new blast, where links are provided. 


Thursdays in July

All are welcome to participate in this weekly gathering for reflection and sharing on timely topics. To join the conversation, contact the church office for the link or receive it via email in weekly E-news blasts. Call 712-262-2327 to get signed up. 



You CAN help!
We are looking for people to participate in our online worship services. You can help –as a reader, leading the prayers or special music or helping with another part of the service. Choose a Sunday and let us know. How will this work? Make a video (recording) of your offering via your smart phone, computer, tablet or camera and email it to the church by the Thursday preceding the Sunday that you’ve selected. We will plug your video into our Power Point presentation. Then tune in to our live-stream service on Sunday morning at 9am and watch! If you need assistance or more information on how to make a video recording on your device, please contact Lynn!! She would be glad to help you!! For special music offerings, please contact Elina at or 712-662-8071 to schedule a date. Thanks you!


Many thanks to our volunteers!
The month of July is Bethany's turn to assist Elderbridge Agency on Aging on Thursdays and Fridays with their meal delivery program “Spencer Home Delivered Meals”. We want to give a shout out to thank everyone who has graciously volunteered to help with this vital community mission. Thank you to our volunteers for sharing your time and putting your faith in action, serving in this way.


Consider sharing a musical offering at worship
We are looking for special music for our live-stream worship services starting on July 19. If you would like to share a favorite worship song -- vocal or instrumental -- let us know. You can record your selection at home and we will work it into the taped live service. Contact Elina at or 712-662-8071 for more information or to schedule a date. Thanks!


Resources with you in Mind
Our drive up devotional box is restocked with readings inserts and children's bulletins for the next three weeks. Also included is the July-September 2020 issue of the Christ in Our Home devotional booklet. A copy of the upcoming Sunday's bulletin will be available there, too -- look for it on Friday afternoons.

Although we cannot gather for worship, mission work & fellowship, we think of you all often! Our goal is to keep you encouraged and strengthened by providing meaningful on-line worship services, devotional materials, ZOOM meetings and other ways to keep in touch in other ways.


Put on your Creative Thinking Caps!
Bethany is still on for Friday Fellowship at Longhouse. It will just take on a different format. Instead of presenting a program at the home, we are to consider making an inspirational /spiritual gift for the residents. Perhaps a drawing or small poster to hang in their rooms, a crafted cross, a simple two-three step project that they could work on – maybe you have some ideas. If so, let Sue Boblit know (262-8244).


We need and appreciate your support!

Although we’re not operating as normal, your offering is still very important. Our staff is still on the job and we have a facility to maintain and obligations to meet. We realize the pandemic may have a negative impact on some of your income so we encourage proportionate giving.

Here’s a few suggestions on how you can give:

  • Automatic Electronic Giving – Download a form on our website or request one from the office. Complete and mail to the church
  • Use an Internet Banking Bill Pay service offered through your bank. Generally all you need to set this up is our mailing address which is 15 W 14th St.
  • Drop your offering in the mail – please use your offering envelopes
  • Use GIVE & GO service. Come to the church, call to let us know you’re here and we’ll meet you at the door! Or we can have a volunteer come out to pick up your envelope. Just call.

This congregation has successfully responded to challenges many times before. We are confident that together we can survive this one as well with God’s help.


2020 Session Cancelled
REMINDER: The Parish Education team at Bethany recently announced that our 2020 Summer Vacation Bible School Program (VBS) is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a difficult decision, however, on a happier note, plans are to use the program to kick off Sunday School in the fall!
Rally Day – Sunday, September 27 – will be filled with messages and fun from our, “On Earth as It Is in Heaven”, VBS program. Stay tuned for more details.


One way or another!
We’ve entered into the season of Ordinary time – though lately things are anything but ordinary. This season is also known as the season of Pentecost. Vestments and the paraments adorning the altar & pulpit are green. Green is the color of vegetation, living things and the promise of new life. As we speak of Pentecost Sunday as the “birth of the Church,” so the lengthy Pentecost season reflects the life and growth of the Church.

Find us Sunday mornings via live stream on YouTube. Search for Bethany Lutheran Church Spencer IA and subscribe. Be sure to click to receive notifications, then you will be alerted of new videos, and can join livestreamed videos with just a click. Videos of past service are available, too.

Or, watch a rebroadcast of our Sunday service courtesy of Spencer Municipal Utilities. These are aired on SMU Channel 2: Tuesdays at 5pm and Wednesdays at 10am.


Catch the latest news here...

During this time of separation we are sending out an “e-news blast” with time sensitive announcements, items of interest and information pertaining to the upcoming weekend’s worship service. Look for these in your email box every Wednesday. If you are not receiving them, we don’t have a current mail address for you. Please send an email to to let us know your email address. Get signed up – these are a great way to stay tuned to current happenings!


Free Service to Iowans
University of Iowa Tele-Mobile Clinic is a free service offering online and/or phone medical appointments for the entire state of Iowa! Available in English, Spanish, Arabic and French and patients do not need insurance. Services offered include general health education, medication refills, discussion of COVID concerns, Social Work appointments, and connecting people with mental health counseling offered every day. In order to sign up, patients just have to call or text (319)-535-2684.


Kyle Lachner Memorial Scholarship Awarded

The Bethany Extended Ministries Endowment (BEME) is the administrator of funds for the Kyle Lachner memorial scholarship. This $750 scholarship was awarded in April. The recipient of the 2020 Lachner memorial scholarship was Serenity Kollasch. See Serenity’s note of gratitude in the June edition of the Bethany Herald.


Congratulations to our Recipients!

This spring, Bethany Lutheran Church offered two $500 scholarships. Application forms and deadlines were sent to all of Bethany’s high school graduates. The scholarship committee announced the winners this past week. Scholarships were awarded to: Chloe Kahley and Madison Stave. After completion of their first semester of studies, checks will be sent to the institution where these two students are enrolled.


Give a Call if You Have Questions

The CARES Act created by Congress several weeks ago included $1200 payouts to individuals to help ease financial stress due to the COVID pandemic. Our pastors have had questions from generous folks wondering if they could gift their stimulus checks to Bethany to be used for people who really need extra help. The church council discussed this & gratefully came up with the following plan to share with you:

  • We will need to know that your gift is from your stimulus money so please include a note telling us that
    • We will tithe to the ELCA Western Iowa Synod any stimulus money received, over and above our budgeted benevolence
    • If you have a specific place you want the rest of your money to go, please include that on your note.  (Examples: a bible camp, Upper Des Moines, St. Luke, ELCA disaster relief, etc.)
    • Funds not specified will be added to our Pastor Discretionary to be used for members with special needs such as rent or house payment assistance, grocery store gift cards, utility payments, etc.
This is a great way for Bethany members to help each other and for people to get needed assistance. Please contact the church staff if you have questions or if you or someone you know could benefit from Bethany’s Stimulus Sharing.


All are welcome in this place!!
Our May 24 drive in worship included the blessing of a new banner (see picture on next page) with the ELCA logo and the words: “All are Welcome in This Place” from Marty Haugen’s familiar hymn, “All Are Welcome”. A special thank you to our new Evangelism Ministry Team Chair, Pixie Jensen, and the Evangelism Committee for spearheading the banner creation. The banner will be displayed on the front lawn once we are able to gather again for worship at Bethany. When will that be? Stay tuned to our Facebook page and our website for more details as they are known.


We want to keep in touch!
The Internet customers of Spencer Municipal Utilities with an email address have been notified that SMU will discontinue hosting email in June 2021. We want to remind you – when you change your email address, please don’t forget to let Bethany know your new email address. We want to keep in touch!!


We've missed seeing you!
We’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures of many Bethany members and friends giving a little wave or just smiling “hello” in our Sunday service power points (a project of Pastor Jen’s April 26 sermon). Many thanks to all who submitted pictures. For those who haven’t sent a picture, please do. Your friends at Bethany miss you and would like to see you! Don’t worry about the shaggy “do’s”. We’re all in this together!! Come on – be bold – send a picture!!


Through May 31

Following Governor Kim Reynold’s April 27 lift of restrictions on spiritual and religious gatherings the Bethany Church Council & Leadership Team have scrambled to respond. Through many phone calls, ZOOM conferences and meetings a determination has been made to continue with the suspension of Bethany's worship services through May. Please see President Randy Riecks’ letter for more information (click on the blue "May 2020 Council Letters" button to the right. 


Links to Handy Resources on Our Website

During this time when worship is on hold, please check the bottom of our website for devotional materials.  There are links to “Godpause” which is a devotional provided by Luther Seminary.  Also, from Luther Seminary is the website Enter the Bible which can help with studying the Bible.  There are also links to WELCA and the Center for Action and Contemplation.  Look for more devotional resources in the April edition of our newsletter.  Click on "April 2020" under "The Herald" to the left.


Keep "in the know" with happenings at Bethany!
Keep current with news and events at Bethany via our monthly newsletter! ”The Bethany Herald” is typically mailed at the end of each month. Delivery options include U.S. mail or email (depending on your preference), or find a link on our website to download a PDF of the Herald. If you are a member and not receiving our newsletter, please stop by or give a call to the church office (262-2327) to let us know. Non-members are welcome to receive the newsletter, too – likewise, just let us know that you’d like to get on our mailing list. If you are receiving the Herald in the mail and want to switch to electronic delivery, send an email request to us at  REMINDER:  If you are submitting items for the Herald, please deliver them to the office by the 20th of the month. Thanks!!


Follow the links below...
If you are having trouble finding our services on-line, the You Tube links to our Holy Week services will be posted here as they become available. Thank you for your interest in Bethany's worship services and we hope you'll join us when our services resume at the church.
Easter Sunday -- 
Good Friday -- 
Maundy Thursday -- 
Palm Sunday Worship --


Sign up for a Sunday in 2020
Many thanks to everyone who provides flowers to beautify the altar. Look for the flower chart posted on the bulletin board in the narthex. If you are interested in providing altar flowers for a service in this new year, please fill out a yellow card and leave it at the church office or in the offering plate.


Share your time & talents!!
The Archive Committee needs your help. A room in the lower level of the church is being renovated to contain our important papers, blueprints, photos, memorabilia, etc. Good recordkeeping is important for homes, businesses, taxes, and the milestones in our lives. An archive holds and preserves documents that provide evidence of the past are produced in a variety of formats from paper to electronic. These materials require protection and preservation to prevent the loss of your congregation's history that would occur if the material was neglected. Are you interested in joining the archive committee? Give us a call (262-2327) and let us know!


You Can Help Support this Mission
Please consider making a donation to support this mission of Bethany that provides morning milk at Johnson School for students who are unable to have it as part of their snack. The program also helps with meals for families in crisis and holiday meals at the public schools for struggling families. This ensures a festive and nutritious meal at Thanksgiving & Christmas time, so no child is embarrassed by having to sit at a separate table with only a sandwich if their parents are behind on payments. Let’s help make “room at the table” for everyone!


Join the Sound Booth Crew!
Please consider joining the tech team. Projector operators, camera/video recorders and sound people are needed for our worship services. These are step-by-step processes that you can learn and we are willing to train. If you would like to be a part of the “tech team” please sign up at the Welcome Center. You will be contacted with information about some upcoming training sessions. Thanks!


Let your voice be heard!
This department of the greater church works for change in public policy based on the experience of Lutheran ministries, programs, and projects around the world and in communities across the United States. Our faith calls us to learn more and speak out on issues affecting our vulnerable neighbors and the forces threatening creation. For an abundance of resources to educate and equip you to be a more effective advocate visit this website: and let your voice be heard!

Be sure to check Bethany's calendar for other activities! Calendar